Simple FAQ

Feel free to drop us a line or a questions at anytime. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions we receive

Unfortunately, the answer will be.. that depends… We can help you get through most of the headaches and loss of directions as you begin your journey on your new business. Obviously, the smaller the business the easier the start up is because there are fewer employees and fewer processes to establish

The time, energy, effort and process will depend upon the type of business you are starting. The larger the business, the more process mapping will need to be established to ensure you minimize oversizing, over spending as well as underspending, and ensuring the market is viable for your enterprise. 

Our fees are structured fees, depending on the business, the time involved, the amount of employees, the product, and if it is local or international. Some business operations are pretty straight forward and only need minor adjustments. Others, may be more intricate, have many processes for every product or service, and require embedding into the organization.  In a nutshell, how much time is invested?

Absolutely! Our team are experts at initiating, managing, and overseeing (monitoring) government contracts. We can pass on this knowledge to you helping you gain entry into new government markets. 

Most definitely. At Advanced Business Consultants, once you’re on board with us, we consider your business as important as ours! We become teammates trying to make sure you don’t fail and that you are off in the right direction. Once you’re off, we stand by you every step of the way, always here for you whenever you need us.