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Rick Cruz, CEO, Senior Consultant

Position: CEO, Senior Consultant

Rick Cruz has worked around the globe creating, managing, and mentoring teams and managers worldwide. With decades of domestic and global experience, his techniques have been proven and rewarded at the highest levels.  Recognized and praised by Senior Leaders, CEOs, Ambassadors, Ministers, Presidents, and First Ladies from around the world. Rick’s unique ability to transform teams into globally competitive “ten percenters” is unmatched. His ability to uniformly create cohesive, successful, high producing, yet extremely satisfied employees and teams is uncanny. Rick has assembled a team of incredibly talented global experts in their fields, enabling them to produce top performing companies, organizations, teams and individuals around the world. 

Experience: 40+ Years
Location: 622 A Main Street, North, South Carolina, 29112, United States
Phone: + 1 (803) 490-4944